An oft-cited quote to make the populations of the current age slow down,appreciate their surroundings and savour the moment, knowing that life is not a dress rehearsal. For travel specialists, it often is about the destination:After all, that’s what we specialise in. We sell the destination, we pin the experience on that. But even so, appreciation and value from any destination comes from the journey trodden. The destination is in reality,just a waymark on the next leg of your life’s journey.

Whilst out on Safari, perhaps in the vast Kruger National Park, or on the fertile plains of the Serengeti, the destination is about the Big 5. The destination is seeing the lioness licking her cubs, the hippopotamus bobbing to the surface of a lily-strewn lake, or the black rhino scratching against a tree.

However, the journey that turns this game sighting in to something truly majestic is what gives the destination its power. Seeing the cheetah dozing asleep in the tree is only incredible because of the 6am start and dusty bumpy roads before that gasp and sudden realisation that there she is, dappled in the shadows. Experiencing an elephant’s gentle amble across your path is only powerful because you had to travel hundreds of miles to see this incredible animal in their natural habitat. It is the journey that matters.

From the Gap Year Student to the Luxury Traveller – The Journey Matters

And so for everyone, it is the journey that adds value to each and every destination. These destinations create the journey of our lives and our experiences while become the building blocks to our decisions.

For the Gap Year student embarking on their first independent international travel, selecting to hop from youth hostel to youth hostel in the quest of adrenalin sports at Victoria Falls, it is hugely evident that the individual experience is about the journey. The journey in to adulthood, the developing of a character and depth of experience.

Whilst it’s obvious in the case of a Gap Year traveller, it’s no less the case for the honeymooner on the beaches of the Seychelles, or the retired couple taking in the flora of the Garden Route in South Africa, or the young family camping out on the banks of the Grumeti River. Each and every travel experience is part of life’s journey, weaving its way in to the tapestry of experience, memory, and character.

Life’s Journey Must Haves

Travel blogger, Johnny Vagabond (link:, understands the concept of travelling being about far more than the sum of individual destinations. The sum of individual experiences is magnified in to an experience that is so much greater than its constituent parts.

Vagabond remarks that the sighting of an elephant being led down the streets of Thailand becomes a time-setting feature in his day because he’s seen it so much. The elephant wanders by, it must be 5pm. The power of this moment is beyond seeing an elephant on an individual day in time. It’s about being part of something bigger, a transformative event whereby life is viewed through a different lens.

The essential elements that turn the destination in to part of life’s journey are often intangible, unquantifiable, and personal experiences. For the young couple in love, the candlelit dinner on an isolated beach off Zanzibar will hold more power as a memory and part of life’s journey, than for the wanderlusting single person whose life’s dream has been to sleep under the stars in an African tented camp.

The ‘must haves’ for life’s journey are, therefore, as individual as they are diverse.

Matching the Journey to the Destination

Nonetheless, it is true without a doubt that some places and experiences leave their mark on us more readily than others. A dreary Saturday afternoon on your local high street doesn’t leave its impact on your journey through life, except to symbolise monotony or a desire for change.

However, if you take an African sunset, or a descent in to the Ngorongoro Crater for the first time, or the sight of double rainbows dazzling in the spray of the Victoria Falls, and mix them in to your life’s experience, then the journey is bound to become richer. Whilst some experiences can be forgotten from life’s journey, others, without much ceremony, will leave their mark in indelible ways.

Build Your Journey

And so as travel specialists, we assert that absolutely yes, life is a journey and not a destination. Turn Key Tours will make your journey the incredible ride of your life. So if you’re looking to expand your horizons, experience the memorable, and develop your journey, then browse, fall in love, raise expectations and hope. In so doing, you’re taking the first step on the next stage of life’s journey. We hope to see you along the way.