Croatia is the unicorn of European travelers because of its ancient towns with red roofing, long stretched of sun-kissed beaches, Verdant forests with azure lakes. This country contains even more fun than it might first appear to the traveler. Here are some reasons to call Croatia a paradise of Europe travel.

A Genius took birth in Croatia

One of the world’s greatest scientist was born in the tiny Croatian village of Smiljan. The name of that scientist was Nikola Tesla who was born there in 1856 but he later moved to New York. In the United States, he made many countless discoveries in the field of electricity and by these discoveries he has changed the life of many people today. Because there is no life of modern people living on the earth without electricity. It is needed in every work weather entertainment or charging your phone and doing your office work, etc. There is no life these days without electricity, people can’t imagine living.

The invention of the fountain pen

Many people in the modern-day hate sharpening a pencil. Give a big thanks to the Croatians for inventing an alternative to the pencil. An inventor who moved to Zagreb and took the country citizenship in 1990 named Slovakia made this invention. Just after the six years of his citizenship he invented and crafted the world’s first mechanical pencil and after a few years, he also invented the fountain pen. These days fountain pen is used by many people because it looks like a premium pen and all the rich people use it for the signature. Mechanical pencil is also used by almost all the children for the work of the school replacing the normal pencil.

The art of winemaking

Before 2500 years, the ancient Greeks brought and invented the art of winemaking to Croatia. This country has four wine regions and more than 800 and counting wineries to explore and taste. Oenophiles founded by Ancient people are still in use on Hvar’s Stari Grand Plain as original vineyards.

Croatia’s Great Wall

The 14th-century walls of Ston in Croatia come on the second number after the Great Wall of China when we talk about the world’s largest surviving fortification. But these walls can now be passed without hindrance to sample Ston’s famous oysters by today’s visitors.

Croatia has the tiniest town in the world

A Town named hum which is located in the Northwest of Croatia is recognized as the world’s smallest town according to the Guinness book of world records. Some people will think that there will be a lack of amenities because the town is small. But this hilltop settlement has all the amenities you will never expect. This town has its museum, restaurants, church, post office, Central square but only 21 people are living there as counted it by the last census. It is small in terms of area as well as in the terms of inhabitants. There are just travelers who come to visit this town after the inhabitants.