Africa is one of the most famous locations to do wildlife safari, and it is known to be the top-most destination admired for the same by the travel bloggers. The desert safari is the heart of Africa, and many tourists come here to experience and explore the wildlife of the continent. Some of the fascinating spots to get there are known to be some of these:

  1. Botswana: It has the abundance of wildlife and natural beauty of forests beside the river near Chobe River and the Okavango Delta, along with the various games played around the wildlife reserves and the Sunny scenic landscapes.
  2. Namibia: It is another excellent option to explore wildlife sanctuaries, but it is advised to stay your kids away from this location as it will cause them high fatigue and is vulnerable for them as well. The best place to experience a wild safari in Namibia is the Namib-Naukluft Park. Etosha National Park is also a best wildlife location when considering the safari in the African continent. Various tour packages are available online, where you can quickly get discounts and offers if booked before three or four months.
  3. South Africa: There are resorts in Cape Town and Johannesburg for opting malaria-free safari as there are a lot of five-star villas and lodges that provide cheap accommodations to the visitors. Many people prefer to drive by themselves in the case of exploring the wildness f the safari. There are suitable spots in South Africa to explore wildlife safaris such as Addo Elephant Park and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. It will cost you a minimum of $130 to a maximum of $1500 per person, depending upon the facilities gained.
  4. Kenya: When it comes to the idea of family destinations, it is supposed to be the most favored spots all across Africa. And it is an astonishing fact that Kenya has beaches too, and you will be able to witness the traditions and culture of the Maasai tribe that drinks the blood of cow along with the milk. The big game safari can be found in South Luangwa National Park as it is the most loved sport by tourists all over the world.
  5. Zambia: It is known to be the second-best and admired place in the whole of Africa, to witness Zebra and Giraffe. You can enjoy inexpensive safari packages at great offers. It is a seldom visited place as compared to Tanzania and Kenya.

You are highly advised to contact an authentic nearby travel agency to get the packages at an affordable price. Enjoy the adventurous sports along with the Sunny rays in a tropical environment, and places are highly appreciated by the travel bloggers. It creates a feeling of exploring animals in the woods, and you can be able to look closer in the eyes of wild beasts as well. It provides you various offers as compared to other adventurous sports in South Africa. Every individual is suggested to experience and explore the wild safari in his lifetime.