You might be feeling exhausted by your daily office schedule, the best way to relax is to escape from your daily schedule and plan a holiday to delightful locations of the earth. There are many locations on the earth which can be very relaxing when you travel there. Here I am listing some of the places to plan your office escape.

1. Iceland- the best place for adventurous people 

Iceland is the land of ice and fire; it might not sound relaxing for some people to plan a holiday there. But you will surely find some quiet moments in this least populated country in Europe. This a dream country with black sand beaches, thermal hot springs, thundering waterfalls, towering glaciers, and rocking coastlines. This country is small in the aspect of size but it will leave a huge impression when you visit this country.

2. Italy- best place for the foodies

Do you know where you can find the best place? Italy is the best place for foodies. You can find every best food in Italy like pizza, pesto, wine, tiramisu, and espresso. It is the best place where you can find multiple types of food.

3. New Zealand- best place for the road trips

New Zealand is the best country for the ones who love road trips. But to enjoy it to the fullest you must travel on your own. Do not hire a driver with a van, it will look too odd and you can’t enjoy. Go in your car by driving it yourself. Go for the bungee jumping and challenging hikes or any adrenaline-including activity if you want to feel good and if you are a fan of doing adventures.

4. India- best country for spa lovers 

India and relaxation often don’t match and don’t go on the same hand. You will see the wandering cows, the bustle of hawkers and sizzling street food as you step out from the airport. I think this is the main reason behind the no shortage of wellness and spiritual retreats in India. India has ayurvedic and yoga treatments in the Himalayas and luxury tented spas on the lakeside.

Kerala, a city in south India is popular for the Niraamaya spa and its transformational experiences. There is a spa doctor who can also customize the treatments by combining the yoga, reflexology, Chinese European, Ayurveda and Thai treatments.

5. Canada- best country for the lovers of snow

Canada is the country of fresh-falling snow that makes the world feel quieter. For the best experience, plan a trip to Whistler, British Columbia. There are plenty of the other Canadian Ski hills which are worthy to visit. These favorites of travelers have plenty of things to see. You can do many adventurous activities like skiing, snow mobilizing, etc. There are a lot of other things to do if you are traveling in a group like a snowball fight and many other things. You can also play ice hockey and many permitted locations alone or with your friends.