Africa, being the second largest continent after Asia, is famous for so many things. Millions of travellers visit South Africa every year to witness the mind-boggling experiences of wildlife and Desert safari. It has some of the most magnificent wildlife safaris in the world that has Giraffe and Zebra in the woods, and the tourists can witness them closely. Of course, a forest guide is always with you while you are experiencing it. A surprising fact about the African continent is that it also contains beaches in it. The safari of wildlife animals includes the view of Rhinoceros, Lion, Elephant, Cape buffalo, and Leopard. Sightseeing this is going to be the most memorable part of your trip to the African continent.

  1. Hogsback: Located in the Eastern Cape of Africa, it is a village in the mountainous area and famous for hiking spots. The oldest forest in Africa is also situated in Hogsback. It is said to be the most stunning villages of South Africa. Accommodation resorts are also accessible in this tiny village. There are specially made places for couples in this peaceful place.
  2. Pringle Bay: It is situated in the Overberg area Western Cape of African continent, and it is one of the most underrated villages in Africa. Here, the sound of oceanic waves and birds chirping are the only noises you are going to hear. The visitors admire the beauty of its mountains, and they prefer staying in the hotels in Pringle Bay as compared to other areas.
  3. Hermanus: This town in the Western Cape of African continent is popularly known as the whale capital of the country of South Africa. Due to its abundance in whales and other water mammals, along with award-winning resorts. It is the most charming place in
    June and December, because of the favorable weather conditions.
  4. Barberton: This town is located in the Mpumalanga, and in ancient times, it was famous for its name as Gold Rush Town. It became famous in the 18th century, and the 3.5 billion years old mountains of the world are around this town.
  5. Clarens: It is a town, site in the Free State, is well-known for its mountains of sandstones and most picture-worthy places. It is known for its picturesque landscapes and got the latest award for having the best waters for fishing activities in South Africa. The best place near here is the Ridge Road Estate.

You can also opt for a road trip on the continent of Africa, along with practising wildlife safari and exploring the beachy sands. You can go for a desert safari in Botswana, Namibia, and other African countries for exploring the diverse biodiversity. But it is highly suggested to confirm the booking before heading out on the continent of Africa, as it will not be a great time and experience for you if you do not find the proper accommodation facilities. Contact your nearby travel agency for more details regarding the same.