Robben Island


Over the years, Robben Island has changed its responsibilities. Once it was a center for a leper colony, psychiatric hospital, and security school, it was considered to be the prison of protestors fighting Apartheid, including former President Nelson Mandela. Today, the spot is even considered a UNESCO Historic landmark, you can enter the cell where Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years in prison when you visit the island. It is a place to respect the father of South African democracy. 

Only a sleeping mattress and a mobile toilet were given to the inmates of a small prison cell. They should wake up at 5:30 each morning to drain the vessels and continue another day of hard work. Black inmates were given a lower diet than white people and other skin-tone people. More mercilessly, they were deprived of contact with their loved ones, restricted to a half-hour visit by their members of the family and the possibility of obtaining only two letters a year.

One of the largest and most important cultural heritage in the world is to visit the island. It displays the people’s true spirit and history of South Africa, and bows to the power men of the country.

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