The Cape Town enjoys the twin claims to fame, not because it is home if south Africa’s oldest cities, it also forms the hub of the burgeoning wine industry. These are characterized by lush vine-planted valleys which are below the mountain ranges, e.g., the Simonsberg, Groot Drakenstein and Helderberg, these beautiful areas are collectively referring to the Cape Winelands, and fewer visitors pass up the opportunity to visit the beauty of Wineland through ‘wine tour’ and its famous estates as well. 

Most visitors get offered some free or inexpensive tasting facilities; the Stellenbosch and some older wine estates also house some examples of Cape Dutch are architecture, uniquely in the South African style typified by whitewashed buildings with a rounded and ornately bordered gable set above the main entrance door and two perpendicular wings. 

All you need to know about the Stellenbosch:

Established in 1679, Stellenbosch is the second oldest town in South Africa, and it is named after the founder – Simon Van der Stel. Nicknamed Eikestad (Town of Oaks) is pleasing time-wrapped cape dutch character while hosting a lively selection of contemporary resorts, shops, and cafes. The Stellenbosch village museum comprises some restored houses – the oldest being the schreuderhuis, this building was amongst those who survived the great fire of 1710 and represented different phases in the town’s development. 

It represents different phases in the town’s development; it was found on the outskirts of the Stellenbosch in 1692, the scenic lanzerac estate is known for its stately dutch architecture and for introducing world’s first commercial Pinotage ( a red cultivar exclusive to South Africa) in 1959, it also includes a five-star hotel and restaurant. 

All you need to know about Cape Town and its beauty:

This place is named for the several Huguenot refugees who got settled there in late 1680, pretty little Franschhoek (French corner) viewed very few historic buildings, preferable a pastoral cape Dutch church was built in 1848. The French roots are reflected in the arched Huguenot monument built on the outskirt of it in 1840. The village is a culinary mecca viewing different country’s best and the most excellent restaurants. 

The popular boshendal estate was first planted with the vines in 1685, and it is superb cape dutch architecture and the Mediterranean style family fun and picnic served on the oak lawn. Most of the travelers often visit there to enjoy its beauty, and they get cheap car rental cape town or hire a car from South Africa to explore their picnic plans. Cape Town is an ideal destination to accomplish your dream of an African safari.  

The closure:

Now we are here with closure, and that is the Cape Town is an ideal spot for the picnic, to enjoy holidays with your loved ones, to explore the beauty of nature. There are several resorts and hotels available for the easy availability of goods and services, which makes your trip enjoyable and joyful. The things mentioned above will help you to know more about the Winelands and Stellenbosch.