Kruger National Park is one of the top destinations for holidays to go with your family. This is the principal place where you can go and plan a perfect trip to South Africa. This Park is easily accessible to the old and young people, and many people of South Africa will confess the travelers to cultivate a life-long love for the bushes of Africa from an early age.

Self-drive and accommodation options available in Kruger

There are two best ways to complete a family holiday in the Kruger National Park. One is choosing a holiday package that includes everything, and another option is self-driving. Both options are unique in their way. Some people like to take a self-drive and some people to think this as a danger, and they choose a holiday package.

The main concern while you are traveling with children is the long hours you have to spend in the car. But there is no concern if this kind. At the same time, you are traveling to Kruger because it is only five-hour away from the nearest international airport located in Johannesburg, and it is also effortless to drive there. You can get a car from here on rent quickly because all the major car rental businesses have their counters here, and they offer great deals with discounts. You can also get a shuttle service when you are staying in a luxury lodge.

There are plenty of stops to rest while you are traveling to Kruger; it doesn’t matter whether you are self-driving or getting there by lodge transfer. The people often feel tired while touring and commuting. You can also turn your traveling way to a scenic road trip by including some sights of the beautiful Panorama route present on the road. There is a vast network of gravel roads and good traveling options, which will make you comfortable when you enter the Park.

Roaming Inside the Park

There are a lot of benefits to explore the Park in your vehicle, and it means that you can plan an outing at your personal opinion, and your family will stay together in one car without including an outsider. But if you choose a toddler for your travel, you have to keep in mind that the children below six years are not allowed for safety on the game drives. Toddlers are the only way to take game drives in the reserve, you can’t take your personal vehicle there. To make your game drive experience worthwhile, the Park provides you 4X4 Vehicles.

The central and south regions of the Park are more friendly for a family trip rather than the northern part. This region contains more variety of landscapes and animals living here are more abundant. There are many family-oriented accommodation services available here with all the essentials like restaurants, swimming pools, museums, and shops. The experience here of living at a luxury lodge will be a little costly, but it has a lot to offer like private family villas. You will surely enjoy your trip to Kruger national park.