There are two kinds of Cape present in South Africa. First time visitor’s to South Africa should not be blamed for not knowing the Eastern and Western capes. They are nearest to each other and also have similarities. It is hard to spot the differences between the busier and chilled Western Cape and laid-back Eastern Cape.

Facts about the Eastern Cape

The Eastern cape is massive and big in terms of area but it is a quieter province. It is spreader from the storm’s river to the area Transkei and includes many gorgeous mountains. The Eastern cape is Matched by some larger cities like East London but mainly by rural villages which blemishes the landscape. There are some grassy plains where you can from your cattle. There is also an undeniable sense of solitude and space. There are many national parks and magnificent game reserves in the Eastern Cape, it is the home to many of this thing. The Eastern Cape has a lot of space available for the roaming of wildlife. If you are going for safaris, game viewing, and bird watching, the Eastern Cape is a fantastic place for you. It is also an awesome destination for those peoples who loves water sports and it is a world-class kiting destination.

Facts about the Western Cape

Western Cape is a little different from the eastern counterpart. The Western Cape is more about shopping, Wine lands, and entertainment. The Western Cape includes many spectacular natural areas too. It also contains impressive verdant valleys, Endless stretches of vineyards and many mountain ranges.

The Western Cape is very popular in the whole world for its wine supplies. There are many wine farms present in the center of the city of western cape. In this Town, visitors can taste millions of wines and also, they can combine them with delicious dishes. Also, it is home to many of the world’s best attractions like two oceans aquarium and national botanical gardens. You can also do many adventurous sports like bungee jumping, mountain climbing and exploring the landscape. The water in the ocean of Western Cape is cooler than the water of the Eastern Cape.

Differences between Eastern Cape and Western Cape

When it comes to choosing an option from both of them it is very hard to select. Because there are minor differences between both the capes. They both have beautiful natural areas, lashing of culture and penalty of Ancient history. The Eastern care offers stunning warm sea, game reserves, interesting beaches. While on the other hand, Western Cape cannot be beaten in terms of world-class shopping and a variety of wines. They both are loaded with beautiful and charming historical and ancient towns. They both offer a penalty of recommendation like guest houses, hotels, resorts, and apartments for the convenience of tourists. They both are best in their way, but the tourist can choose the best fit for both the options. You can plan a very good holiday in the eastern as well as the Western Cape.